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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Variety of Greens

"Be careful what you wish for". I'd been voicing a wish that the pond fill up before summer. We got it full, and then some. with 6+ inches in a very short time over the weekend. In addition to filling the pond it ran right in the front door. We did flood diversion in '07 but obviously we now need to do more. I surveyed with the neighbor yesterday and we can see where some up about us have diverted their water and made our situation worse. Living in a small town that doesn't maintain the roads and drainage has become a problem that didn't exist when we moved here in 1987.

On April 23rd the National Show of the Visual Art Society of Texas opened in Denton. Not only are there several fiber works in the show but the top prize was won by Pat Kumicich with her art quilt titled "Just Quit". I don't have Pat's permission to post her image but I did meet Pam Lowe of Austin and she gave me permission to post "No Drought this Year Austin". She said she moved to Austin in a rainy year and this is her interpretation of what the water can bring.

The newest green in our lives is the color ON the house. There will be cedar shutters on the downstairs windows and brackets on the posts but I'm already excited about the new look.

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