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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Smiles & Chuckles

I'm taking a break from sorting fabrics. Karl called from town; he's having to wait for a prescription so he'll do some grocery shopping & pick up dinner too. Isn't that a nice treat? I can keep working until he gets home and then maybe do more this evening as there won't be much kitchen cleaning. I've been busy today clearing work surfaces and organizing before my next project. I tend to think that other people don't make as big a mess as I do. If I could spend as much time producing art as I do cleaning and organizing I'd really have lots more to show for it. It would also help if I didn't get sidetracked so much but at this point in life I don't expect dramatic change.

So far I've got silk scraps mostly in the right drawers; spring/summer clothes fabrics where I can find them easily; winter wardrobe fabrics packed away; frames and boxes (for assemblage) moved to the garage; and 2 big boxes of collage materials ready to go to a new art ed program. One of my "shelves" is an old changing table; if the prospective parents are interested it might revert to it's original purpose and I'll get a taller shelf to use in it's place. I have hopes of sending more papers away next week to collage artist friends who have voiced interest. Last week I sent 4 boxes and an exercise rider off to the Habitat store so progress is being made. If anyone wants to pay postage I'll send a box to you too. I've got years worth of good stuff.

I have several small quilts in progress but the BIG project ready to launch is a quilt for my first grandchild. She is due in Aug. to Celeste and Elliott. I want to have the quilt done by the end of June. Ashley blogged yesterday about how much fun we had picking fabrics over the weekend. The colors comes from butterflies and make me smile. I hope this will be a quilt for more than just baby years. I'll start it next week when I'm getting together with quilter friends.
If you need a laugh watch animals. Hobbs, one of Karl's 2 goats, aka lawn mowers, likes watermelon rind. This was our first melon of the season and I picked up the rind from the yard after the chickens cleaned out all scraps of red. I thought it would go to the compost bin but Hobbs was more than happy to have what remained. Too bad he hasn't learned to share with his sister Valentine.
Another reason to smile this afternoon is both of my collages for Collage Mania have been acquired. That makes me feel really good. I won't know who got them until I'm notifided after it closes tomorrow. The total raised was up to $16,000 when I looked a few minutes ago. There's still great art left so it's not to late to make a contribution. The one I got is above, 51/52 2008 by Naomi S. Adams. Isn't it lovely? Hope you're having smiles today.

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