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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome to Springtime in Texas

My new definition for Crazy is "South by Southwest" in Austin. I can't completely explain what it is because I'm not sure I totally understand it. Basically about 200,000 people come to town for movies, interactive seminars; music in every imaginable venue; and partying for 10 days in the spring.
Today as I was telling a friend about our last few weeks I realized that it had been unusually crazy even for us. I've about recovered and even spent a day switching out seasonal clothes so I'm  ready to be in the studio. That won't really happen until after another trip to the Hill Country on the 29th but I did get a baby blanket edge stitched today and hope to get back to the machine tomorrow. 

I can say that we accomplished a fair amount in all the frenzy. K&E finished the barbque trailer and got it to Austin & inspected to serve food at South by Southwest. K helped E, C, K move from Midland to Austin where I joined them to help with unpacking and decorating (practice for when it's my turn?). I got Karlie to and from school for the week and was happy to see her settle in with kind caregivers. K&I did multiple food shopping trips & I even did a couple of stints  serving, reinforcing my suspition that food service is HARD work.  Sunday we took Karlie for the Texas tradition of pictures in the Blue Bonnets.   We came home Monday to 4" of rain. Every thing is turning green &amp starting to bloom.  

I do love Springtime in Texas. Hope the weather is good where you are.

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