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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Around and around we go

 This first picture doesn't represent what's going on today but I've been trying to organize pictures in the computer (trying is key word for any tech activity around here). This was the record snow in 2010 and the picture reminded me that it won't always be 100+ for day after day after day. I'm also thinking MOISTURE which we need desperately. I am reminding myself that like the days, the seasons do pass from one to another.

What I have been working on is the 7' long circle quilt that I started last year. I put it away (for the 2nd or 3rd time) this spring when Karlie came to visit and wanted to play with "all those pretty colors". (For those of you not of a certain age that line is burned on my brain from one of Richard Scary's first books, Mr. Paint Pig). Reminder to self: find that book for Karlie as both Ashley & Elliott really loved it, especially when Dad did it in "whiner" voice from Sat. Night Live. Excuse the digression.  I'll blame it on the heat.  Back to circles.

They are all fused and ready to quilt.  This will go in the new house, most likely in our bedroom. I'm thinking with a metal building and tall open ceilings we'll need fabric elements to soften the space and and noise. That's my thinking and my hope is that we get the "new" house in the not toooooo distant future. 
Back to the present...... The circles are 4 layers of silks I collected over years.  The background is my "new fav" fabric, Pakistani cotton drop cloth from Lowe's.  I'm not sure yet how it will get quilted but I'm excited it's to this point.
Not to be ever be accused of wastefulness or cause my dear father & mom to haunt me, I have 6 sheets of this new "fabric" from the silk scraps.  I will also report that I gave away 2 big bags of scraps this week least I be accused of hording. The pieces are small but if anyone would like I'll share more.  Each of these new pieces is the size of my Teflon pressing sheet. One is getting quilted with a sheer background fabric over the batting and most likely will be a birthday pillow. I'm leaning toward using the others together with sashing to become another quilt. It could be a companion to the big one or go live it's own life. Finally, the little bits below came from the final trimming of the circles as I wanted them to touch rather evenly after being somewhat wonky in the insides. These bits are fused to the same cotton dc.  There is one more potential bd gift in a set of 9 circles on silk background. Those got  got set aside based on their colors.  I'm thinking these projects will keep me busy and out of the heat for a while. Hope you can do likewise.

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