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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Break in the Drought

No, not the one over Texas.  The tropical storm we were hoping would bring rain yesterday fizzled in the face of the extreme heat and drought.  It's rather sad to think that it will take a big storm that will cause damage & distress to some to cure the ills of others.  I won't get into the implications for other things here (politics, leadership, economy) or I'll go off on a rant.

What has happend is that I had a bit of a  personal break thru yesterday. My friend Jo sent this quote  & then offered advise to "just get to work" to counter my resent funk.

"Esoterica: One of the main problems many artists have with credentialed shows is that the effort upsets the natural flow of personal process. The better artists I know get up in the morning, put on their pants, and go to work. Figuring out where the work is to end up and who they are as artists comes afterward. This is the brilliance and uniqueness of our job. Artists who forget this become caterers and polishers of brass. " Robert Genn
I haven't been thinking much of shows lately except to look at fees and decide I can't afford them but this did get me back to the studio.  Why is it we avoid that which has the potential to give us the most pleasure?  I got busy and went to work. (I admit it was late morning but I DID get into the studio.)
1. I Finished another cut up t-shirt top, ironed a stack of clothes & moved them to the closet.
2. I straightened up cutting table and picked red, green, gold fabrics for Elliott & Celeste's quilt
3. I finished quilting the sliver piece from the last post. 
4. I stuffed a pillow for the sofa that's been hanging around for weeks. 
4. I did my 1st Alzheimer's quilt for the DAFA challenge.
5. I crocheted my first rock. These will be gifts & pattern weights.

Today I'm designing the trees for the "Rocking Oaks" sign as Karl plasma cuts it; working on Karlie's birthday book & other random piecing and will do some more rocks during tv time. Karl is moving the hose around the house as it's our day to water and we may do a rain dance. In the meantime, stay cool  & do something creative that you enjoy.


Gerrie said...

I love that quote!! I can't crochet, but might learn to do some rocks!!

Jo said...

wow! you need to teach me how to make one of those shirts! and I'm proud of you. Hugs.