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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


In the back of my head I'd had the idea that anniversary of my blog was near but then I got busy and forgot to check.....Opps.  I started this 10-4  (can't help but think "good buddy" - something from my youth), 2008.  Here is a repost of my first entry. Not much has changed; I'm still working on Moving forward. The picture here is new.  A prickly reminder of where life is today.   

Moving forward

One of my goals of 2008 is to move my art out of the studio into the wider world. This is my first post toward sharing my inspirations and motivations for creating art.

Since I've been following a number of blogs that I admire, most especially my daughter Ashley, http://ashleyakers.blogspot.com/ it seems like a good choice to get started here.

I have been making art for 50+ years. I have taught for nearly 40 years. I love to sew and mix things up (finding bits of treasures all along the journey that some call junk and trash).

This is a bit scary and is taking more than a bit of bravery on my part so I hope you will be patient and come back to share


Karen said...

happy blogiversary! I see you making all kinds of brave changes.

jude said...

continuing is the thing. however slowly.