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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We definitely are seeing the end of the summer drought. That's the pond in the background, well over it's banks, so Karl got his wish that it would fill before the house goes on the market.  We've had between 7.5" & 10" of rain since yesterday.  Happy that we're dry inside thanks to the ditches being dug out after much campaigning with the city and the drainage improvements we've made in the last couple of years. Sadly there are flooded homes in the area; I feel for anyone with water in their home.

Another bit of abundance is this stack of books I've read lately.  My favorites are on top & bottom but all were a nice diversion during the heat and my drought of creative energy. 

I loved the weeds, grasses, wild flowers and cactus fruit on the property this weekend.  We discussed cactus flower wine but researching the recipes led me to decide it's not worth the effort.  I'll just use the images as inspiration.

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Karen said...

Oh the flowers are lovely--we'll have to come by and see them soon before fall.