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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Taking a break

Right now I'm taking a break from painting the studio.  I tried to tell myself we could get away with not doing it but good judgement got the best of me and if I'm to present this room/the whole house in the best light it needed to be done.  Trouble with ideas like this is one leads to another.....

Every thing is piled in the middle of the room and I also have a birthday sewing project to finish before Thurs. and want to go play with dyes with friends tomorrow.  But some time you just have to take a break. 

While stopping to check emails and browse around a bit I came on this site.  I've enjoyed some of Hugh McLeod's cartoons before and now think his book sounds good - especially the first 25% that he offers for free.  I'll put that on my check out later list. 

Last week I took a whole day off.  I went to Lu's to celebrate her birthday (belatedly) and it was a a lovely day. We discussed our quilt (she's started quilting) and other projects and then went off to lunch and shopping.  I lucked out in both departments - transitional clothes on sale and ideas for the new house decor. 

To add a bit of color to this post I'm showing the beaded flowers I put together for Lu.  She added them to her studio shelf where her lovely felt rose pin cushions are.  In the sorting & purging of beads I had found bits of flowers left over from Ashley & Frank's wedding (all the attendant's bouquets included beaded flowers as keepsakes as did the bouquet Ashley "tossed" - actually gave to her cousin).  Rather than toss the bits or put them back into storage oblivion I put together this group as a token of love and friendship.  Another bit of Lu's bd box was the old silk thread box; she already had the cotton so it has company in it's new home.

Hope your day is full of color.  Now I'd better get back to the white walls.


Karen said...

Ohhh what nice flowers y'all made for Ashley's wedding.

Kathy Marie said...

I remember bringing up a bunch of tiny glass flowers. Ash had a beautiful wedding!

joan.danaher said...

I remember them very well. The whole wedding was very special. I am happy I was able to be there.