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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Checking in and staying out of heat.

It's a slow "news" week; purging and packing continue (won't I be glad when there's a different story to tell).  Empty shelves and packed boxes are about the most inspiring thing I have to share.  It does make me anxious for the blank canvas of a new space to grow into a home and of course, I am hopeful someone will find this place to their liking.   

Thanks to Karl & Justin the garage is almost a clean slate of bright white.  It  certainly it looks the best it has in lots of years.  K & I battled the heat yesterday (official high temp 104) to get it cleaned out.  I wimped out today and came up to continue the tackle in the studio.  Trim paint accidently got carried off to chemical disposal so we'll get more this week for the windows, doors & touch up on the front porch.  Karl's new mailbox is the most creative new thing around here lately.   Actually he's working on a really neat rough hewn mantel right now but it's for someone else's new house.  Think I'll go fix him some ice water. Maybe after grocery shopping I'll take a sewing break.  Stay cool. 


Karen said...

Keep up the good work! You're doing great. I know it's tough going. Please tell Karl his mailbox is the prettiest.

Jo said...

I love the mailbox! and how does cleaning the garage on a triple-digit day mean staying out of the heat?