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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Feelings

My mother always told me that it is nice to share.  She was right and it feels good.  Last fall there was a great exhibit in Denton, "Blues Chapel".  I had seen Susan Lenz's work in a previous show and online so I was thrilled that this installation was coming to a venue near me.  Through my urging, The Visual Arts Center asked Susan to open her introduction, designed for docents, to the public.  Not only did she speak eloquently about her work but she brought along her latest work, the Grave Rubbing quilts.  She was more than gracious and even allowed us to touch and examine them closely.

My only disappointment that day was that there wasn't a much larger audience, especially friends who I knew would appreciate what Susan was doing.  We have 2 universities in Denton and I hope some of the art & fiber students saw the exhibit.  They missed out not meeting Susan.  Without a doubt her work speaks to me with incredible power and beauty.

As part of my continued clearing, I mailed Susan some bits of my stash that I'd held on to for years.  Some were family bits and others had been passed to me by friends when my work was focused on using old linens in clothing.  I knew these bits needed a new life and thought of Susan.  Now I am thrilled and amazed that in an incredibly short time Susan has given them life beyond what I might have imagined.  I can hear my mother and grandmother's admiration.  See Susan's blog.


Gerrie said...

Her work gives me goose bumps. Thanks.

Connie said...

I hope they are good goose bumps.