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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Change, Constant Change.....

December already, the beginning of the holiday season and almost the end of 2012. Turn, turn, turn; nothing is more constant than change so we have to remember to find joy in the moment. November was a whirlwind and not just swirling leaves. On the 3rd I got a break from construction duties to play with Jo, visiting from Dallas. We spent a lovely afternoon at Old Oaks Ranch, www.theoldoaksranch.com, in Wimberley, an alpaca ranch, sculpture garden, and yarn store.  Jo really enjoyed that last part; I enjoyed the day with a friend.  

 Along with changing leaves, I found time between house building assignments to change fabric with rust & vinegar. This is something I can set up fairly quickly. I want to do more patterns (sheets of steel "waste" from manufacturing). I look forward in using it in quilts in the future.
 My favorite change is watching Karlie grow. She has gotten really interested in sewing and I hope I can feed her curiosity & creativity for a long time to come. She & Mom & Dad are moving into a new house soon so I'm looking forward to helping her decorate her room & yard.
In the meantime we've got walls & insulation & the porch roof. Sheetrock starts tomorrow. 

 See those white spots on the cactus. At first we thought it was disease but research said it's Cochineal bugs. Ah ha - Another "between house projects" project. I'm collecting them and hope to use them to dye soon. More change to come.....

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