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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Way It's 'Spozed to Be

When I started teaching way back in the dark ages of 1970 I read a book titled "The Way it's Spoze to Be". It was about the dysfunction of our educational system. No, I'm not going into a political rant.

That title has stayed with me over the years as an expression of my feelings as I ponder how I think things SHOULD be and how they really are. In the last 1/4 of my life I think I'm beginning to learn some important lessons starting with "there's more you don't control than you do" & "just because you think it's spozed to work a certain way doesn't mean it will" & finally "we will get through by Grace".

My closest friend since age 10 wasn't spozed to get cancer but she did. She & her supporters are making the best of a bad situation. She & I ran off to Fredericksburg last week & shopped, laughed & played to exhaustion (I know I was tired). Another very dear friend wasn't spozed to have her husband of 32 years want a divorce but it happened. She is being strong and brave and inspiring as she creates a new life in the Texas hill country.

Instead of doing serious art (what I'm spozed to do "IF I'm a serious artist") I spent this past week making & glittering book paper trees and snow flakes and taking time out for fun with friends. We were spozed to be moved by now so my decorations weren't spozed to be miles away at the back of storage while I'm still in Argyle. My 1970's needlepoint ornaments that live in the cedar chest instead of with the rest of the deco stuff got to be center stage once again. They are hung on the 1/2 price artificial tree (not spozed to get a fake tree as it's not planet friendly) & the Norfolk Pine that barely survived the supper from hell but they look good and I think Karlie will be duly impressed. Now it's on to making the gifts that time allows for. I was spozed to do these months ago. Ha!
So my point with all this rambling is? Life isn't the way it's spozed to be. Life is what happens while you were making other plans. Accept what is. That doesn't mean that we don't fight for what is right & good. Make the choice (over & over, day by day)to make the best of realities. Together with grace we CAN be people of Goodwill. Enjoy the season!

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Karen said...

That's the first book paper tree I've ever seen! How lovely. And thank you for the reminder about life.