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Friday, April 1, 2011

Re Entry

When I started blogging I intended it to be a forum to share my art & adventures and for the most part I've done so fairly regularly.  If there are any readers still checking in, I apologize for the month long absence.  I'll just say that March 2011 was mostly a dark period that I am glad to have behind me.  My hurdles are nothing compared to the tragedy in Japan and I hope everyone is finding some way to help there.  

I am working on being hopeful.  I am inspired by the promise of spring and hope for new beginnings. I am stenghtened by loving family & friends and especially words of my father which Ashley reminded me of in her blog post on March 10, "I just hope & pray every thing will be alright". 

Even in the greyest times we need to look for the bright moments. How can you not smile at this kind of innocent abandonment of care?

At the Dallas Quilt Show, Lu Peters & I won a red ribbon for Roots & Routes, the 3rd in our series of collaboration quilts.   (Sorry, I'm blocking the ribbon but I promise it's there & now on my wall for further inspiration). 

It is April. The pecan trees are budding. North Texas natives say that is assurance that spring is really here.  I hope it's a season of promise & beauty for everyone.

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Karen said...

Love you very much, Connie. Hang in there!