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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moving Along

We had another week with ice and record cold. It wasn't all bad; it kept me home to get some work done in the studio.  This is Detour II.  I really need a new camera; the colors are much more intense than they look here.  I've started quilting and am thinking it will get some printing on top of that.

I worked on Roots & Routes and thought it had reached the hand off stage.  (This is the 3rd collaborative with Lu Peters). I put on the wall and after looking at it a couple of days I thought one area needed something. I'm auditioning additional roots; we'll decide if that's what it needs next week.  I just looked back; we started this last July.  Most of the delay has been on my part. I MUST work more to stay on track and task. That is a major goal of mine for 2011. 
 Last weekend in Austin we had sunshine and spent some time on Sat. at the park.  It was a treat.  I'm excited that we're expecting good weather tomorrow.  Karlie & her mom came up to visit today so we're meeting up with Tia Ashley & Tio Frank tomorrow and going to the zoo. Hope you have some fun too..

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