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Monday, January 10, 2011

Practical & Process

The first picture doesn't look very exciting but it represents BIG progress.  On Sat. Ashley & Frank came up and helped us move most of the furniture from the upstairs "studio" down to the guest room which will now be the "sewing studio".  This room has been at various times over the 24 years of living here the master bedroom, guest room, office, Dad's room, and now studio.  I really owe them a big Thanks and on top of moving assistance they cooked up a yummy breakfast; I've invited them to come every weekend.

The art table, paints, and misc. tools will stay upstairs for now.  The move allows the new floor to be put in and puts us back on the countdown to selling.  The added bonus is I get a warmer place to work (and closer to the microwave where I've reheated tea multiple times the last few days).  All this happened just in the nick of time as it snowed yesterday and is due to be very cold tonight and the next few days.

I will have to keep the space looking neat & orderly while the house is on the market so "excess" fabric in plastic bins went to the garage.  The Ikea baskets are under the cutting table which got a new skirt and the closet is full but neatly organized with misc. sewing STUFF. 

Add a new ironing board cover, design wall (handy & cheap painter drop cloth - for design wall over insulation foam) and a thread catcher/pin cushion and I am ready to create.  I'll get more stuff down a bit at a time but today I spent a good number of hours quilting.  Lu Peters & I started collaboration #3 in the fall and I really dropped the ball.  We want it finished for the Dallas quilt show in March so I'll be working steady to do my part.

To step away from the big piece I also pulled out some bits and started #2 & 3 of the Detour series.  #2 is pictured in it's very early stage.

Now if anyone can tell me why pictures done on the iphone can't be turned in the right direction I'd really appreciate it.  Have a good week and stay warm.  


Lisa Reed said...

That's a pretty impressive project getting your sewing room moved. Inspiring!

Lisa Reed said...

That's a pretty impressive project getting your sewing room moved. Inspiring!

Jules Rushing said...

Congratulations on getting your sewing stuff moved! Progress in the making! Now, get busy and sew!