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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting Ready

We spent the weekend in Austin getting the nursery ready. The M's (Mary Chess, Mitra, Marcus, Miles, and Mitchell) came over Sat. afternoon and gave us a break and some comic relief. Mitchell who just turned 2 opened his birthday gift and promptly decorated himself with the new makers. Thankfully they are "washable".
I wish I'd gotten a closeup of the magical collage that Jane Ruestmann created for the nursery. It's over the crib which Gramps got all put together. Now he just has to finish the cradle; I'm a bit worried as he's having back pain and the heat is horrid but we have about 3 weeks.
The former tennants left this bookshelf which we put to good use showing off many of the "pretties" waiting for their owner. I made the little hat (on top shelf) as we drove back from NM. If she is as bald as Elliott she'll need more. It seems everyone keeps caps on babies these days; I have lots of new rules to learn since I had babies. Here are the darling parents to be.

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Ashley said...

That hat is cute! According to Les and the sonogram she has hair!