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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ready or Not....Wishing You PEACE & JOY!

It's that time on Christmas eve when I begin to slow down and remember that Christmas isn't about what I've gotten done but about what has been done for all of us. My favorite moment of the season comes when we're sitting in the dark close to midnight; the candles start to light and the santuary fills with a wonderful healing glow as we sing "Silent Night". It's a reminder for me that truely Light has come into the world. Each of us has a chance every day to choose light over darkness and it is my fervent wish that we see more of that in the year to come.
For me I have come to realize that my light is my art. It is a gift I hope to share more and more in the year to come. One of my recent frenzies of creativity is on Ashley's blog - the curtains for her kitchen. It was such fun helping her decorate and I look forward to the next round of projects.
Already I've received many lovely gifts and I am appreciative of each one. My good friend Lu not only gave me a beautiful pin cushion but inspired me to make a few myself. These are some that I will share. She is also inspiring me as we work on a collaborative art quilt that we're both excited about. It will debut in Jan.
We didn't do much decorating this year as we're traveling, leaving early tomorrow morning. Last night we celebrated with the Browns, enjoying the lights and music in their neighborhood and lots of laughter with their 2 beautiful children. The little ones remind us to hope. It's up to each of us to create a safe, secure, and healthy future for all the children of the world. That is my Christmas wish, Blessings and Peace for all the World.

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