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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Tonight we celebrated Ashley's 33rd birthday with yummy El Salvadorian food and laughter.
Wasn't she a doll? Pensive from the beginning. She always seemed to be checking out the road before she took a step.
Love you baby and very proud of you.

Recently I made the comparison between the race to the moon and the current energy situation. I guess others of my generation are realizing that it's time to pass the torch - Al Gore's editorial in the Sunday New York Times: "The average age of the systems engineers cheering on Apollo 11 from the Houston control room that day was 26, which means that their average age when President Kennedy announced the challenge was 18.
This year similarly saw the rise of young Americans, whose enthusiasm electrified Barack Obama's campaign. There is little doubt that this same group of energized youth will play an essential role in this project to secure our national future, once again turning seemingly impossible goals into inspiring success."
Good luck kids! I have faith in you.